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Hello my friend…

Here’s the thing…

Bill Gates and his new ‘Breakthrough Energy’ project.
Bill Gates is approaching the ‘Catastrophic’ consequences of Global Warming with his new ‘Catalyst’ program called ‘Breakthrough Energy.’

Mr Bill Gate is telling us to…

Quote…“Invest in newer technologies and invest in large scale commercial plants. Public and Private sectors must come together to build this scale.

‘BREAKTHROUGH ENERGY’ is Bill Gates company / organisation and is launching its ‘CATALYST PROGRAM’ to bring the next generation of climate solutions to market in time, and at a low enough cost, to avoid a climate disaster. (6th Mass Extinction event).

Bringing together big companies and philanthropists to make bold investments in technologies with great promise, but with a long road to commercial success.

The early investors in these technologies will be recognized (make ££££’s) for their contributions. That’s’ why we’re creating the ‘Catalysed Emissions Reduction Framework’ this measures the reduction in emissions and the cost of these new technologies over time”.

The first 4 technologies Bill Gates organization is focusing on are:
1. ‘Green Hydrogen’ to power vehicles
2.  Long Duration Energy Storage
3. Sustainable Aviation fuel. 
4. Direct Air Capture. 

…end of Quote.

Can you see what’s happening here?

Apart from giving Climate Apartheid’ an unwanted boost Mr  Gates is also building himself another huge business ‘empire’ whereby he will own all the rights to these new ‘green’ ventures and those that want to use his ‘green energy tech’ will have to pay his prices. Mr Gates and his investment friends will take huge profits, be in a very powerful ‘energy’ negotiating position, while doing nothing to help the global ‘masses.’ 

..once again it is Profits Before People!


It’s Time For Something Completely Different…and here it is!

 The ECOBIOTOS™ Project

A ‘global’ approach to achieving a 100% green and vibrant future.

An ‘abundant future for all’ must Involve a ‘Synergistic’ Approach. Working together, and with a great deal of ‘passion,’ we’re creating a world where Prosperity, Freedom, and a Sustainable LifeStyle, are the norm, where renewable and clean energies replace the fossil fuels and practices of the ‘old world’. 
The result being the planet, all species, and all people start living in harmony and thrive once again!

Join us and help create an exciting new future for humans, all species, and our planet!

I look forward to speaking with you real soon!…

Ronnie Tutt.   CEO, MaxLife Global Management: 2015 to present day.

Sustainability Consultant
Sustainable Energy Finance
Climate Adaption Finance

Generations To Come Need A Healthy Planet!